“Eating is an agricultural act.” – Wendell Berry

Welcome to Victor's on Water. We aim to bring happiness to you and your family through our food, drink, music and service. We have three main areas that we keep in mind as we create our version of Italian inflected food...

Quality Ingredients is probably the first thing that people associate with Italian cuisine and we are blessed to be in a part of the country that provides plenty of good things to cook and enjoy. So, in addition to a basic set of familiar and important Italian and Mediterranean ingredients we will make every effort to purchase from people and businesses that we trust and that are located close to Victor’s. To us, the goal of Italian style of cooking is too use as much as possible what we find in our region, the upper Midwest. In the spring and summer this is easy, in the winter, well, we will find out together.

Another facet of our cooking will be learning more about our community here in Excelsior. We look forward to meeting you and becoming a vibrant and interesting part of the town. We are hoping to offer farmer meet and greets, cooking demonstrations, farm visits and more to show you how we go about our work and to meet you and gain a more lasting relationship with those around us. We hope to see many of you in our restaurant and hope to get to know you as our journey moves along.

The third thing we are trying to keep hold of is a spirit of curiosity. We look forward to the discovery of what making Italian cuisine in this part of the country will mean for us. We can say for sure that we are excited to keep learning and trying new dishes and techniques. It is the best way for us to grow as chefs and hopefully it will be fun for you, our guests, to see where this takes us all. We won’t sit still for long.

We welcome you all to Victor’s and we hope that you will enjoy your food, your drink and your companions while you are here.

Eric and Janel

Victor's On Water - Restaurant Review from Paul Johnson Sothebys on Vimeo.

Eric Paulson from Victor's On Water in Excelsior takes Lake Minnetonka's Executive Chef Nicholas J. Zahasky and Paul Johnson Lakes Sotheby's International Realty on a behind the scenes look at Victor's On Water's menu and kitchen as well as the private dining, live music and entertainment of Victor's Lounge.

Victor's On Water
205 Water St, Excelsior, MN 55331

Nicholas J. Zahasky